Welcome to the website of Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland

Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland is responsible for water control in one of the most attractive areas of the Netherlands, the River Area. Some 700 staff work on the following (main) tasks of the water board:

  • Water management (maintenance, water levels, water quality).
  • Looking after the dikes and ‘boezem’ (drainage) quays.
  • The management and maintenance of roads outside the built-up areas in the Alblasserwaard and the Vijfheerenlanden.
  • The treatment of waste water.
  • Muskrat and coypu control.
  • Managing the waterways of, among others, the Linge, Smoutjesvliet, Alblas, Giessen and Graafstroom.

 The provision of drinking water is not the responsibility of the Dutch Water Authorities.